Derek Bolduc


*Former Wrestler
*Amateur Muay Thai Fighter
*Certified movement and mobility trainer

Fitness & Mobility Specialist

Derek specializes in movement therapy. He uses a variety of modalities including, but not limited to; Functional Range Conditioning, Neurokinetic Therapy, Guasha, Sports therapy, Joint Mobilization, and Burdenko Method. His focus is to help one improve upon, or reclaim the ability to perform all the activities they’re passionate about. Whether you’re aiming to get around with less pain, improve your golf swing, perform the splits, optimize and utilize more powerful, efficient striking, hike a mountain, or increase your lifts in the gym, Movement & Mobility is the key to your success.

Derek received his Bachelor of Science at Plymouth State University in 2013, and has been active in his field of study since.

He Has 19 years of wrestling experience through the collegiate level, has trained and competed in Muay Thai under Kru Chris Ballard for 10 years, is a Taekwondo yellow belt, and has dabbled in the art of BJJ.